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Official Bancroft DragonFlite 95 V2 Discussion Thread

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  • Official Bancroft DragonFlite 95 V2 Discussion Thread

    Bancroft DragonFlite 95 V2 950mm (37.4") Racing Sailboat from Joysway - RTR - BNC1049-001

    Click image for larger version  Name:	bancroft-dragonflite-95-950mm-37-4-racing-sailboat-pnp-motion-rc-30319106785465.jpg Views:	0 Size:	117.3 KB ID:	355558

    There are few R/C modeling activities more peaceful than sailing a yacht on summer’s evening enjoying a gentle, constant breeze on your preferred pond. Likewise, few activities can be more exciting than racing like a captain in the America’s Cup, using a model yacht against similarly-equipped competitors that places your sailing skills to the test!

    Bancroft is pleased to offer the world-renown DragonFlite 95 V2 sailing yacht, a model perfectly suited to either activity. Manufactured by Joysway Model Co., it’s now available for sale through Motion RC!

    Available in both PNP (no transmitter or receiver) and RTR (includes transmitter and receiver) versions, these models arrive highly prefabricated and ready for final assembly and rigging.

    V2 improvements include a new, improved sail winch servo and a revised boat stand that allows both vertical or horizontal securement of the model for convenient storage, transport, and maintenance.

    With active chapters in eight countries, DF racing has become an economical and enjoyable portal into the sport of RC sailing. Visit for information, rules, competition chapters, and events.
    Highly Prefabricated, Radio Installed

    The DragonFlite 95 RTR arrives mostly assembled, awaiting final rigging and addition of 8 x AA Alkaline batteries (4 each for transmitter and receiver).
    Corrosion-Resistant Fittings and Hardware

    Stainless steel fittings and hardware, many with reliability-enhancing rubber seals ensure years of trouble-free performance and reliability from your DragonFlite 95.
    Majestic Performer In Any Conditions

    Thanks to its mylar racing jib and mainsail, the DragonFlite 95 is a capable performer in both light and heavy wind conditions, providing the versatility to delight both expert and new sailors!
    Interference-Free 2.4GHz Radio System

    Sail with confidence knowing you’re in complete control using the reliable and comfortable included 2.4GHz radio system to accurately guide your DF95.
    • RTR-Includes Transmitter, receiver, rudder servo and sail winch
    • Fully painted and decorated hull and sails
    • Extruded carbon fiber masts and boom tubes
    • Extruded aluminum keel with zinc alloy ballast bulb
    • Display stand included
    • Bancroft DragonFlite 95 V2 950mm (37.4") Racing Sailboat - RTR
    • 2.4Ghz Radio
    • Receiver, rudder, and sail winch servos preinstalled
    • 8x AA batteries
    Requires:Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL : intermediate
    BUILD TIME : 90-120 minutes
    Scale N/A
    Length 950mm / 37.4in
    Width 125mm / 4.8in
    Height 1470mm / 57.3in
    Hull Material ABS Plastic
    Battery AA Battery
    Battery Quantity 8
    Battery Connector JST
    Motor N/A
    Motor Quantity N/A
    Propeller Material N/A
    Contra-Rotating Propeller N/A
    ESC N/A
    ESC Waterproof Splash-Proof
    ESC Quantity N/A
    Radio 4 Channel
    Receiver Channels 5

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    how do u figure its four ch and say it need s a 5 ch radio.>???? mine needs 2 chs one for sails and one for rudder///


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      It comes with a four channel transmitter and a five channel receiver. It does not need that many channels, that's just what is included in the box.


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        I purchased the DF95 RTR kit from Motion RC about a month ago and have been on the learning curve twice a week wit our local Gilbert Model Yacht Club in Gilbert, Arizona. While I am learning the techniques of RC sailing, ii noticed that my DF95 does not respond to the movement of the sail winch line properly. When at max sheeted in position when I let it out gradually it does not move at all until at a certain point it jumps out about 4 inches. This is consistent. Also in the fully sheeted in position it will jump in and out a little bit on its own, without any movement of the stick. The rudder servo operates normally.

        I have a trouble ticket in with RC Motion but they have not responded to help figure out what is wrong.

        Any ideas from other DF95 sailors?