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Let’s see those retrieval rigs

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  • Let’s see those retrieval rigs

    Anyone who runs RC boats should have a way of safely retrieving their rig without having to swim to go get it. Too many people have already lost their life swimming for their boat. If you have a rig please post pictures so we can help those in need gather ideas to build their own. I also usually have my 7 foot kayak with me in case my retrieval fails (it’s happened before).

    This is my rig. The electronics tray is an old cutting board. The frame is 1/2” schedule 40 irrigation pvc with pool noodles for flotation. The push pull assembly I made allows for nearly 90* rotation. I used a Castle/Traxxas marine ESC because it has 100% reverse. Most marine ESCs only have a fraction of reverse. I run it on 4s. She isn’t pretty but she’s never let me down.

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    Retrieval rigs are an entire RC boating segment in themselves. It's really neat to see what inventive ways people come up with for their setups. I have found keeping it very simple with the classic rod/reel/tennis ball to yield the best results. I wanted a compact setup to wheel down to my lake so taking an extra boat to retrieve another boat didn't make a ton of sense. My buddy and I tried modifying the rod/reel to make it more compact but at the end of the day leaving it bone-stock works the best. At only $15 it's a cheap and effective way to get your boat back!

    Click image for larger version

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      You can't talk about retrieval rigs without bringing up Larry Jablonski's EDF powered rig. He spent some serious time refining the build and setup. It also makes me wonder why EDF's and boats have not been explored more...

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        A-10 Nacelles...nice!