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1/8th scale 3D printed H. L. Hunley

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  • 1/8th scale 3D printed H. L. Hunley

    This is a very interesting subject to make an RC model but here goes. The Hunley has been something that intrigued me even before its discovery and retrieval from the waters just off the Charleston, SC coast. The story that lead up to her becoming the first submarine to sink another vessel in battle and the mystery behind her disappearance somehow give this stealthy steampunk a life all her own. The files for this project came from the same individual responsible for the Los Angeles class boat I just finished. This is my first time using ASA filament however, a material much like ABS with very good heat and weather resistance. With some slight changes to my printer it is working beautifully. It was recommended to me to read a book called 'In the waves' about a Duke University PhD student who set out to try and discover perhaps the most compelling explanation for what happened to her and her crew after historically sinking the USS Housatonic on that cold Winters night in 1864. It proved to be a very interesting read. One that found me eager to learn what was on the next page. I will be attempting to make it as historically accurate as I can based on what we now know from the recovery and conservation of this once lost pioneer. So far I have printed and assembled the first three hull sections, the forward conning tower and hatch. The ship was designed with round headed rivets but the almost 40ft. long Hunley actually had flush rivets so I am in the process of sanding them down. Not a big deal. At 1/8th scale she will be just under 5' long and have a 2' long torpedo spar and I hope to again utilize the same Modular Sub Driver in it as I used in my Redoutable and USS Olympia. More to come.

    Click image for larger version

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    A very interesting subject, indeed. Following along.