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Xt 1/10 rock crawler

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  • Xt 1/10 rock crawler

    I got one for my grandson for Xmas, well he hasn't got to run a whole battery pack yet motor burned up, got another motor same thing burned up first battery pack. He is using same battery it shipped with came with it. Just 2 cell, my question is well any other motor I can use in it?? I fly planes not these so I need some help here?? Anyone know if they just have batch bad motors anyone Kno?? Thanks!

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    Ok I took out motor nothing binding rolls free are wheels turn and shafts no problem, I have some 340 motors from wing kits shafts are 3.17 too small to use. But not to use for test 😆 hooked it up let it lay on side ran it have a studder don't know if it's that motor so hooked up burned motor 540, well got same studder plus sparks on back of inside of motor and gets red hot fast. 🤔 So got out original motor one first came with it, no this is gonna be 3 motors I test now and get same thing. Anybody Kno what the hell is going on???


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      Talking to motion bout this now, got wait till my son gets out work later today will post pics thanks!


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        Here's a pic of threw the opening in side of mother, I zoomed in u can see at bottom of motor it's red hot and afew sparks, didn't run but this is 2nd motor first one did same thing, I still need another motor.


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