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Official Turbo Racing 1/76 Scale 2WD Cars RTR Thread

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  • Official Turbo Racing 1/76 Scale 2WD Cars RTR Thread

    BMW Red Mini Cooper 1/76 Scale 2WD - RTR from Turbo Racing - TBRTR01

    Click image for larger version  Name:	master.jpg Views:	0 Size:	98.0 KB ID:	370373

    Version Info: This car is delivered as "RTR", however does require 4 x AAA batteries for the transmitter, purchased separately (see Requires below for details).

    Meet the next small thing, brought to you by Motion RC - 1:76 Scale Micro Turbo Racers! Don’t let their tiny size make you doubt their performance capabilities as they feature fully proportional and adjustable rate steering, adjustable throttle curves for various skill levels, more than 30m (almost 100’) of radio range, and a robust 30-40 minutes of race time per charge. Experience the fun of a racetrack contained on a coffee table and when combined with Motion RC’s industry-leading service results in a hobby experience that the entire family can enjoy. This Turbo Racing model is officially licensed by BMW, assuring you of a model suitable for display or competition. Drive on!

    Visit the Official Turbo Racing BMW Red Mini Cooper 1/76 Scale 2WD Car Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.
    Scale Details

    Turbo Racing's BMW Red Mini Cooper comes with scale details not commonly found in micro scale cars.
    Completely RTR

    The Mini Cooper comes Ready To Run. All you need are 4 AAA batteries for your charger and it's ready for the tracks.
    • Fully proportional 2.4GHz transmitter
    • Functioning Headlight and Taillight LED set
    • Convenient USB charging system
    • Adjustable steering rate and throttle curves for all skill levels
    • Up to 40 minutes of race time per charge
    • Turbo Racing BMW Red Mini Cooper 1/76 Scale 2WD - RTR
    • 2.4GHz Transmitter
    • Length: 50mm (1.9”)
    • Width: 23mm (0.89”)
    • Height: 19mm (0.75”)
    • Weight: 13g (0.46 oz.)
    • Four (4) AAA size batteries for the radio transmitter

    AGE LEVEL :10 and up
    SKILL LEVEL :beginner
    BUILD TIME :none​
    My YouTube RC videos:

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    Incredible! I never thought that I would have access to a ready to run rc this small! Let alone this feature packed! I have the bmw mini and a drift car and the drift track. Both carts are unbelievably awesome. It’s a good thing the battery runs out or I wouldn’t stop playing with them. They were so much fun I got the largest track and the type P racer. Blown away that the racer is so much faster than the BMW. The tuning you can do to fit your style of driving is incredible. The radio has duel rate dials and the trims as well as the light features on the cars including break lights when you brake. These are close enough to 1/87 scale to work with my HO scale layout as well. I have already made cement Highway barriers (Jersey barriers) for this 1/76 scale since they were already sold out of the plastic barriers at MRC. I’ll post some picks off some cool ideas for making the tracks more interesting as well in the near future. If you’re on the fence about these, get off and get one or two. I have been so impressed I just ordered the type S racer and the other two tracks that I don’t have yet. These are awesome! Loads of fun and I don’t even have anyone to race with. Time trials!!


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      Want to create more challenges or change things up even for the current track you have? Try elevation changes. I put mine partially on a rubber floor mat to create some elevation change in several spots on the track and then tried a pretty extreme elevated curve using some packing foam. And it is fantastic. Adds another element of fun and the cars perform great! Here are some pics showing the elevation changes and my true to scale, real cement Highway barriers. These things are great fun and I love how long the battery’s last. Long run times!