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Exclusive First Look: WL-Model 16800 1/14 Excavator RTR

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  • #21
    Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised by a huge ripple effect I hope all involved are well, toys can wait of course.


    • #22
      My wallet will be relieved....But I've been anxious to get the excavator. I guess it also depends on whether it had shipped before the virus broke out, or if the quarantines affected products being shipped out.

      On other items made I've seen made in China, shipments seem to be delayed until March, which is only an extra month.

      The whole thing is very sad and anxiety ridden though.


      • #23

        Any more long term review?

        Im on the fence between the huina 1592 and this one, since there are the same price( concidering the 1592 needed to be modded)

        Also when you said part are easily availble, where are they? I cannot find them?

        Also does anyone know if huina part can fit( aftermarket bucket etc)



        • #24
          Nobody has reviewed one yet because the pandemic has delayed them. I believe that last I looked it was showing a Sept arrival at the earliest.


          • #25
            Thanks for the answer.

            Do you know if some parts or the huina (like the bucket) will fit?



            • #26
              Sorry I really don't know. I am on the notify me list and plan to hit the buy button the moment it becomes available but at this point not much is known other than what Alpha has shared here as part of the announcement.


              • #27
                This popped today

                I have one in order it suppose to ship , i think that was their last one availble for now. I hope it will ship, and it supposed to be shipped in 24/48h.. hoppefully it was true.


                • #28
                  Wow...400 on Amazon...I will wait for motion to get theirs! Let us know how it looks when it arrives!


                  • #29
                    I had the confirmation from banggood this morning that they shipped it.

                    If there is no too much delay from canada post( which I highly doubt) i will receive it in 2-3 weeks.

                    I will post some feedback and picture when I will get it!!