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  • Bulldozer

    Are there any good metal track bulldozers in a 1:14 to 1:16 scale in a $400. Dollar price range?

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    No there isn't, I have done a bunch of research on RC machines and have bought lots of them and found out to really have fun it will cost at the minimum $2000.00. Really $3000.00 to be honest. This is my $2000.00. 953 Loader


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      Thanks for the reply. You are correct. That is more than I'm willing to spend. I bet it is an amazing machine though. Have fun.


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        I would definitely like to see a dozer maybe in the $200-$300 range, something to compliment the XK models 16800 and 14800 perhaps... I'm thinking maybe metal tracks, linear actuators for the blade, somewhere around 10 pounds? I have just started looking at RC construction equipment and am surprised that the only other model is the Huina (just under $100) and it appears to be more toy grade. Those RC4WD hydraulic models certainly look awesome but that price is out of reach for what I would suggest is a normal hobbyist.



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          i have searched the darkest corners of the internet looking for anything under 1g and its just not there .....someday someone will fill that void and when they do peeps will become loyal shoppers with that company


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            I built a 1/14 scale 1965 Caterpiller D9G and a 1965 641 Scraper - new to the RC scene and looking for assistance with learning how the RC electronics work. Have components installed but haven't turned them on. Dozer has two 24 volt wheelchair motors to drive the tracks and 24 volt electric bike motor to run hydraulic pump. I've got a Flysky receiver/transmitter, Sabertooth 2x32 to run tracks - operates fine & have separate ESC to run hydraulic motor. Everything works as should but something keeps turning off the Sabertooth. Like I say I'm trying to learn how to do this.