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Lesu Cat 374FL Escavator - Do you own one or knowledgable about hydraulics

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  • Lesu Cat 374FL Escavator - Do you own one or knowledgable about hydraulics

    These hydraulics are going to send me to an asylum. This machine came with no directions, but did have a manual to assemble this model. This is the first model of this type with hydraulics that I assemble.
    I have checked the rotation of the pump to ensure that fluid pumps through it and is moving in what appears is the right direction..(One sends fluid out, other NOT)
    There are no leaks at this time.
    I have a 6 servo hydraulic block. 3 of which are not being used. I have put a small section of hydraulic hose between the individual servo inputs and outputs on the control block. Because I had a leak while leaving them without anything on them.
    I suppose the biggest question here is how to I use what appears to be a small regulator of some sort that is sitting on the end of the control block. I have tried to screw this thing in , and have tried to screw it out and my hydraulics still don't work all that well if at all.
    In passing, my hydraulics are not doing much of anything. It appears to be receiving oil into the cylinders because when I get done farting around with it the arm(s) or bucket stay in place when there is no input. I do have a problem with the large arm for instance to hold pressure when I am going down with it. The arm can be in the upper position but when I go to bring it down all the pressure it released and not doing what it is supposed to …
    I am begging anyone that has knowledge with this type of model and mechanics to please help me if you would. It's driving me bonkers...

    Thank You
    Michael Morin
    Lewiston, Maine.

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    Shipfitter did you get your hydraulic problem figured out?