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Official XK 1/14 Scale 14800 Front End Loader RTR Thread

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  • Official XK 1/14 Scale 14800 Front End Loader RTR Thread

    1/14 Scale Front End Loader from XK Innovations - RTR - WLT-14800

    The XK 14800 1/14 scale Front End Loader is 10.5 pounds of die-cast and molded plastic parts providing the perfect balance between stability, safety, and cost. With realistic articulation and reliable 2.4Ghz proportional controls, the XK Innovations 14800 front end loader is a truly hobby-grade machine suitable for all ages 14 and up. This easy to use front end loader requires zero assembly out of the box and features lights and sound. Backed my Motion RC's excellent technical support and a wide range of spare parts, we have what it takes to keep you on the job site. Can you dig it?

    Fully Functional

    Excavate your heart out with this fully functional front loader!
    LED Lighting

    The LED lighting really enhances the scale appeal of this front loader.
    Safe For All Ages

    This 1/14 scale loader is safe for all ages young and older alike.
    1/14 Scale

    The 1/14 scale size provides impressive presence and performance.
    Detailed and Fully Featured

    Sharply molded details, functioning LED lights and realistic sounds deliver a satisfying realistic experience as a desktop display and a functioning 1/14 scale RC vehicle.
    Ready To Run

    Zero assembly is required, simply add 4 AA batteries to the radio and charge the included main battery to begin!
    • Independent joint control
    • Durable metal shovel with telescopic arm
    • Sound effects and Day Bright LED lights for added realism
    • Powerful brushed motor offers stable and sufficient power
    • XK 14800 1/14 Scale Front End Loader - RTR
    • 2.4GHz radio transmitter
    • 2S 7.4V 1500mAh Li-ion battery with XT60 connector
    • USB charger
    • Complete instruction manual
    Requires:Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL :14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL :beginner
    BUILD TIME :none
    Scale 1/14
    Length 43.7cm / 17.2in
    Width 20.5cm / 8.0in
    Height 28cm / 11.0in
    Weight 4762.7g / 168.0oz
    Body Material Metal / Plastic
    Chassis Material Metal / Plastic
    Track Material N/A
    Motors 370 Brushed Motor
    House Rotation N/A
    Lights Yes
    Sound Yes
    Exhaust Effect N/A
    Required Battery 2S 7.4V 1500mAh (included)
    Required Radio 4 Channel (included)
    Skill Level Beginner
    Build Time None
    Operating Time 30-45 Minutes
    Recommended Environment Indoor / Outdoor
    My YouTube RC videos:

  • #2
    Mine has very little use on it and the steering motor quit today, so bummed and I do believe its out of warranty anyway, I did take it all apart and found the servo motor not working, I shook the gear box and the motor started working again, but to the left it works faster than to the right, so I took the motor apart and found the brushes unevenly worn, so I bent the brush arms a little, worked great for a bit then started getting hot, so I played around with it a bit more but no luck, I did get it working but its not right, cheap little motor and has the worm gear attached so I need to find a replacement motor some how and get the worm gear off, seems to be really pressed on tight, anyone have any ideas on how to remove the worm gear off the shaft and press it on to another motor without messing it up??


    • #3
      is the worm gear metal or plastic?


      • #4
        It is metal and I tried to remove it form the motor but that thing is really stuck on the shaft, after several attempts I ended up breaking the gear in 1/2, so I ordered the upgraded faster response servo and gear box for the Huina one, looks the same so I hope it fits and last longer than the stock one, will update when it gets here.


        • #5
          I had the very same problem, lost steering control. I started a repair ticket and sent it back to MotiionRC. They have refunded me for the loader.
          I want to thank MotionRC for their willingness to work with me on this issue.
          Since this steering problem is a reoccurring issue I would caution anyone from buying this model and ask MotionRC to stop selling it until the steering issue is resolved.
          Thanks again MotionRC for standing behind your product and great customer service!!


          • #6
            Well, I don't think they will let me return it, mine was purchased last year for Christmas. Yes I do agree, it is a problem and they know it, but we keep buying em....


            • #7
              Got an update for you guys, I ordered the high speed turning servo upgrade for the Huina loader and its a drop in fit for the XK one, it comes with a circuit board but I didn't use it, looks like its for the Huina one, there is a guy who does the swap on the Huina but not the XK, so I did it and it works great, only thing I had to do was reverse the wires coming off the servo motor, if you plug it in as is then left is right and right is left, so I just cut the red/black wires and soldered them up red to black and black to red and that had the steering going in the right direction, its worth the $55 upgrade so far, let me know if anyone needs more info, I didn't video anything or take pics, and I'm not taking it apart again, lol.

              Just go to the Huina web page and you will see the upgrade option, I ordered straight from the factory.