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spider digger project

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  • spider digger project

    A "simple" spider digger, the Kamo 3X. It has of course four legs, two wheeled, and two with feet. Apart from the usual dig functions(bucket, raise, forward and extend) there are the legs to control. I have the idea that I can use a (sophisticated) aircraft flight controller, to keep the cab (and chassis) level as it moves over rough ground. Has anyone any tips as to how to link up the four servos? the legs do not have an extend function on this machine. It seems i could have Aileron control for left to right stability, and elevator for front to back, but I am not sure how to link it all together to get the two functions simultaneously on the 4 servos. Could I use Aileron and elevator2 for example?
    Maybe I should ask the aircraft people?
    Thanks for any contributions!

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    Ailerons are primarily used to control an aircraft's movement about its longitudinal axis, correct? It's probably available under an open-source licence. Don't be concerned about the functions; you can discuss them with expert digger designers rather than the Aircraft team. Usually, I discuss these types of cases with a friend who is a dealer of Volvo heavy equipment, and he also has good design knowledge. Consult a designer first, and contact the aircraft if you still have concerns.​