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Randomly Constructing Equiment

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  • Randomly Constructing Equiment

    Hi, i'm a noob.

    Anyway, i started RC stuff with toys & Bashers, got into RockCrawlers, got into ScaleCrawlers, found Construction. Then anyone local to me doing crawling disappeared off to that Facething. RC Construction and Trucking seemed really cool to me, but at the time the price of entry seem didn't work for many hobbiests until they're nearing retirement age. So, if i wanted to play with construction stuff but couldn't afford to build a Tamiya semi and get a dumpbox, definately couldn't get something like an excavator or bulldozer.

    i built a truck.

    Finally got something to drive, let's go find a sandbox...

    2016 Indy

    2017 Lebanon

    Probably just going to randomly introduce some of my projects, if there's interest maybe go into build threads?

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    It would be so helpful to those of us who have an active interest in RC Cobstruction Equipment, if somewhere was a posted list of contact info on the various active RC Construction Equipment groups throughout the US. I live in Central CA and cannot find any such active group within a reasonable driving distance from my home. Below is pictured a 1:12 scale RC model I recently completed of a 1960s vintage HD B81 Mack truck w/flatbed trailer that I recently completed to go along with my same scale P&H crawler crane (
    Anyway, enjoy this magical hobby wherever you may live🎈

    Click image for larger version

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      Great looking truck Cranemodel, also sweet crane in the avatar!

      I haven't run across a good cross reference on clubs & groups either, and it's only gotten worse finding locals. Many forums didn't like cross posting about other sites so you didn't 'steal' THEIR users. Hobby shops never seemed to carry or care about semis, construction, or really anything 1/14 - 1/16 scale.

      The same day i picked up that 1965 Structo dumptruck to convert i also found a Nylint Michigan Shovel.
      Dumptruck got a 1/16 scale rock crawler put under it, some traxxas wheels, tamiya tires...

      This 1955 Michigan T-25 crane got 4 continious servos for the crane functions: hoist, crowd, boom angle, slew. I still haven't made the crane carrier truck do truck things. Mostly i use it as a Dragline, or Crane. I've also set up a Clamshell, but not used it very much.

      i'm over in Indiana. We used to have the 'toy truck & contrator Indy show', Lebanon '50s fest', an occasional 'garden or hobby show' as building filler, and a Winter meet.

      Reasonable driving distance is usually something like 'drive a couple hours' or 'hit the next state over'. Before the big shut downs in late 2019 it was better.

      Used to be about the best source for USA info on rc construction. Now it's mostly splintered off to facething...

      the last local meet that i went to, i had to find out about from a friend that's on the Train side asking me if the group i play with was the "RC Demo" at a toy farm and construction show & auction. He only heard about it from a friend that was doing a static 1/64 semi display to compete.
      I didn't know that it was us, or that it was even happening.


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        I really like your restored/upgraded truck crane! What do you use for a dragline bucket? Attached is a photo of the 1/12 scale dragline bucket I designed/fabricated.for my crawler crane model.
        Keep enjoying this great modeling hobby🎈
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          Sharp looking scoop!
          My Dragline bucket is nothing special, it was started just to understand the physics of using Hoist + Crowd + Dump line balanced between them. "This is only temporary, unless it works"

          Some brass flatstock, with brass solid rod, torched together with some electrical solder. Some necklace chain and a brass zipper-pull let me hook to a 1/10 crawler winch hook on Hoist line, fishing split-ring hooks to a lobster claw jewelry clasp on Crowd

          This was like revision 5 by now? After finally getting into Crumb Rubber at a meet, realized it needed more weight added to bucket

          Skilled Operator

          Not exactly a Production machine yet.

          Go work on something, we're paying you!

          Modified nylint Clamshell

          This works better with slaved channel Hoist & Crowd lines, then running Crowd alone does open/close action.

          um, i like cranes...


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            Yes indeed you have a nicely detailed collection of model cranes! When I was a youngster back in the 1950s, I had a Doepke UNIT mobile crane, the same as your model.. I REALLY liked the detail of that toy back then.
            I see you have turned new drums on your model. What metal lathe do you own?
            Anyway, thanks for sharing your impressive collection.


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              I don't currently have a metal lathe, I just had another hobbiest who had already converted a Michigan take pity on me. He turned a set of Drums, Sheeves, and Pulleys for me.

              Mostly i wanted to find a budget way to Play Construction. A low-end hydraulic excavator is like $1,500+ . Or i can think old school: abuse antique toys, use servo winch drums pulling cable. Plus it's cool to show the older ways of doing work to help keep history more alive and relevant. There's way more stuff and things to watch moving and interacting while cable machines work than you get with hydro.

              Good eye, those Doepke Unit 357 are a beautiful piece. I've been gathering some pieces to start converting one of those to RC. It's probably going to get the same type setup. Pile of hitec hs645 servos, Align trex 500 slew gear, shorter version of cable drums than the Michigan. Still not sure what type of impliment i want it to run though...

              Somewhere around that i decided i needed to find a 'regular' car to drive at these truck meets. Most of the correct scale hardbody cars are supercars, exotics, and just look weird around trucking and construction. Dickie toys makes a nice static 1/14 vw Type 2, 1967-71 Bay Window.

              It came with surfboards, gross. Topracks are too much work to cleanly delete, let's just go ride bikes.

              It ended up with a Teardrop Trailer because i broke the steering servo in my dumptruck once. Yep, that makes sence? Nope. Not at all.
              Anyway their hobby is going to work, i'm going camping!

              Uh, where did that Split-Window come from?


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                Nice VW van collection! Looks like your metal lathe friend is a skilled machinist!
                My latest project is to replace the failed 22 Ahr LiFePo4 battery in my model crane with a 3s 15000mah LiPo Gens Ace battery. Access to the LiFePo4 battery requires the (time consuming) disassembly of the cab, so I am currently milling out a large compartment in the bottom of the model's (wood) counterweight to house the new LiPo battery in a more easy to access/switch out location. While I still need to machine cooling vents in the cover and paint it and then update the wiring, the attached photos show where I am now.

                Click image for larger version

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                  The guy who machined my cranes aluminum parts goes by RVjimD around several places online. He's got a Michigan C-24, same cab with a couple versions of scratch built crawler chassis.

                  Those upgrades look great. It's always tough trying to balance scale vs ease of access with anything. Looks like the counterweight hatch is a great way to adapt and overcome the problem. I know I've got several that i still need tools to put charged batteries in.

                  Other times you reject 'building a ship in a bottle'

                  I don't care, i'm taking off the whole lid

                  Thanks, the Bay-window was a fun scale conversion!
                  That Split-window bus was already rc, but became a whole other problem...

                  Anyway, they keep telling me that rc stuff is supposed to move?

                  Akward, out of practice, not used to real dirt, and all those other excuses.


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                    Split window doublecab from Maisto

                    First rc meet, it's too low so it gets hung up on an extension cord powering hopper loaders. Plus the approach angle won't let it up onto the wooden bridge. Steering knuckle flip, reinforce kingpin mounts, mill everything front suspension for more lift. Mill everything rear suspension to get gearbox flat to chassis.

                    Next meet, i can clear the ducktaped extension cord across the road! But static lift still isn't enough ride height for that wooden bridge ramp.

                    Fine, if the real world is ok with Bagged VWs...

                    also added a trailer hitch bracket to double as frame stiffener / grind block


                    Yeah, bring on that wooden bridge approach angle now!!!

                    Next meet Pop the front up, get the front wheels on, drop the nose, still have the trailer hitch run aground.
                    Ugh!!! YOU SON OF A father.

                    Sure, might as well just send it.

                    fine. Now you can hit Front / Back.
                    But you are NOT getting 'Sides'. That's a hydro thing, and you don't hydro V-Dub, they only get Bagged

                    Yep, so much for that 'shop truck' plan with this pickup...

                    Ok. Fine. You win.

                    Quit looking smug about it.


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                      Day 1

                      Structo pressed steel truck

                      redcat everest 1/16 and Leafs

                      Plastic NDT wheels

                      traxxas & tamiya wheels

                      Thinking a Loader could be cool.

                      But a cooler loader would be better

                      The monkey has some trouble hitting this size box, may need to get a bigger dump


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                        1947 Barber Greene loader

                        1 channel rc

                        1940s Wooldridge Bottom-dump haul truck

                        "1930s" Nylint dumptruck

                        Yale forklift


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                          It would be so helpful to those of us who have an active interest in RC Cobstruction Equipment . Thanks