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HL Sherman Track problem

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  • HL Sherman Track problem

    I have a version 6.0 H.L. Sherman with metal tracks. One of the pins has broken/worn off and two links are coming apart. See the photo. If it was a tamiya tank I would just pull the pin and replace it. I tired to pull the pin here but it would not come out. Not that I have a spare pin for it anyway. What a repair option? thanks

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    You don't have any extra pin at all? How a bout an extra panzer III or IV pin? Or any small nail with that diameter. Then you can put them up sideways, put the extra pin on top, put low level hollow tube at the bottom and use a small hammer to knock it down and out. Maybe temporarily with a paper clip :-)?


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      The remainder of the pin is probably bent. A Harley tool (hammer) should punch it out. A local hobby shop may have wires of varying diameters that could be used as replacements. K&S is the brand my LHS has. K&S is online too. However, they won't have knurled ends like the pins have. Lastly, you could email Toucan Hobby and beg for some spares.

      So, you broke a metal pin? Gotta be a story behind that.
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        Buy piano wire the same or almost same size. Then use some rubber cement on one end as you push it into the track, the back end, so it just glues to the edge of the end connector just as it seats home.


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          Originally posted by SoCalBobS View Post

          So, you broke a metal pin? Gotta be a story behind that.
          No story. Just running the tank and hear the gear train making strange sounds. I pulled the tracks to pull the gear boxs and notice the track pin broken. Oh and the noise in the gear box was the one of the drive motors had came lose. I tighten up the motor mount screws and all is well now.

          I will REMOVE the broken pin one way or another and make a replacement out of some sort of wire. I'll bend it or glue it to hold in place.

          Thanks for the reply's.


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            Just a update. On farther inspection, the HL metal tracks do not have one long pin that runs the fun width of the track link to hold two links together. There is just a short pin on each side of the link to hold them together. Also they do not appear to be removable. In any case this was not where my problem was. On each complete track side there are only two links with one pin that runs across the full width of links. This one pin that can be slide one way or the other to release the two links. The pin has a "V"or "U" bend in the middle of it and if you look at the side of the track that rides on the road wheels you can see it. Using a small screw driver you can push the "V" bend to slide the pin one way to release one side of the two links. Then slide it the other way to release the other side It would appear that this pin slide to one side allowing the links to come apart. Had I not destroyed the pin taking it apart🙄 I probably could have lined up the two links and slide the pin back in place. But no I had to destroy the pin getting it apart. I picked up some .039 music wire at Hobby Lobby which fit the existing holes in the links. I put a 90 degree bend(tab) on one end of the wire, cut it to length and a drop of CA on the other end to hold it in place. It's holding up so far.