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Elmod Firmware update.

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  • Elmod Firmware update.

    People using Elmod boards may want to install the newest firmware update. It corrects the board applying the Tamiya time of invulnerability after the tank is killed in ir combat to happening after every hit.
    I noticed it after getting my new centurion and comparing what it does with what the Elmod boards in my other two tanks were doing. I immediately contacted Thomas at ELmod. There was a bit of a delay since he was on holiday, but he does respond even when he is. He said he researched the problem, that I was right and a firmware update would correct it. The firmware update came out yesterday. I installed it this morning and all now works as it should.
    He said it seems to have been incorrect for years and I was the first person to bring it to his attention. As has been my past experience with Elmod, they respond very quickly and are happy to fix things.

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    Well done sir. I have yet to join the Elmod troop but looking forward to it.