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Henglong 1/16 RC Tank 3938 T90 With Metal Chassis

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  • Henglong 1/16 RC Tank 3938 T90 With Metal Chassis

    I saw the torsion bar metal chassis Heng Long T-90 and T-72 at the Toucan Hobby Store. Are there any review or test report of the HL metal chassis? It is far more expensive than I want to spend on a hobby toy, but I am very interested in knowing how it compares to the Tongde Torsion bar plastic based RC tanks in metal version at one third the cost.
    ? Item Condition: New and maybe some tanks are refitted(upgraded) by us(if you mind, please ask first before buying), so please read carefully before purchasing. If you need me to upgrade your tank, we would like to help. After Sale Service: If u have got a broken tank caused by shipping, please let me know first, we k

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    Its expensive and IMO adds nothing to the tanks performance and reliability expect weight. It actually takes a lot away from the tanks driving making it "bouncy".

    What it does do is make for a really strong longer lasting lower tank chassis. This only come into play IF you drive the HECK out of the tank often.


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        I think tank_me has at least one.


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          Originally posted by sclui56 View Post
          I think tank_me has at least one.
          I do. I haven't had any issues with my metal HL chassis on my T-72. It's the same one for the T-90. Some folks have report problems with it, but mine was one of the first ones produced and it's been great. It drives well and I drive it hard. The tensioner has never lost tension with the heavy T-90 type tracks and so far I haven't had to do any maintenance with it. I run it full metal running gear and it just floats over obstacles. The long barrel of the T-72 and the fuel barrels on the back are what limit the mobility. I've ripped the barrels off more than once and barrel stabbed, but mine has been modified for recoil with a tank specific T-90 Clark unit. For some reason with that unit I had to create an adapter plate to move the apple mount to the center of the commander's hatch as it center up when installed.

          I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy another, but I like (prefer) heavy tanks. I've been thinking of buying the Merkava with it installed as it doesn't seem to detract from the overall look of the Merkava. But that's going to be when I finish some projects. Too many at the moment.


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            The Heng Long metal chassis RC tank price point is far above what I am willing to spend on a hobby tank. I am seriously considering getting the HL Merkava. I will get the HL basic version Merkava and do the metal upgrade piece by piece myself. I will like to gather as much information as possible on what HL uses on their all metal chassis. I may have to spend more than getting the HL Professional metal version, but it will be worth it. I have very positive experience doing that to the Tongde M60A1 using suggestions from Rubicon99.

            The HL merkava already has torsion bar suspension and metal arms. I will get a totally enclosed CNC gearbox, metal sprocket and idler wheel. I have not seen a Heng Long Metal Driving Axle Bearings kit for the merkava yet and may have to be creative here. Bearing will be added to all the road wheels and support arms wherever needed. I want to get metal tracks too, but not the Heng Long one with exposed connecting pins.