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747 Tug Project

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  • 747 Tug Project

    Hoping to get some advice on a potential project.. I have the new HSD Boeing 747 and have been considering building an RC version of the original tug (shown below) to tow it out to the Flightline. Our local field doesn’t allow powered taxi behind the thresholds even with an EDF, so it will be useful. Here’s the problem: I need a small truck, with a lot of torque. The 747 weighs in at 37 lbs and 10 ft in length, and will be even heavier once I add the Space Shuttle. It has ball bearing wheels, so it rolls easily, but takes some grunt to get it moving. The 747 is 1/24 scale. I figure a 1/16ish size crawler or truck would be close to the scale size of the tug, or better yet, a 1/24th scale 4 wheel semi truck. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.