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Official XK K120 With Gyro Thread

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  • Official XK K120 With Gyro Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce our release of the XK K120 with gyro. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this super cool micro helicopter.
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    I have figured out so many things on this heli. I can't believe how wicked this bird flies. Big tips...stick a 7.4 volt motor with the three bladed prop in it. It burns up tail motors quick. With the 7.4 volt motor it barely gets hot or screams. Also it was crazy hard for me to get it adjusted right for the e-max 9251 mod...I learned a bunch doing this procedure. also run cut servo saver arms. I put a slice of silicone tubing around base of cut arm...Works so awesome. Also run blades some what tight on pivots...it really adds performance...positive expo...25 50 on tail bump throttle switch up or down to increase head speed in flight...Tattu 300mah ....adjusting pitch really makes it punchy. I have had to re-solder a number of points that had cracks and intermittent connections.


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      I have separated the boards and touched up several solder joints on mine. I think the reason some have problems with servos running hot is due to voltage drop. I am currently running 2 of the original servos and one replacement, they are running much cooler since I did the separation, and re-soldered the original battery plug. I lost the original tail motor, and replaced it with a hcp80 v2 main motor I had lying around.... has worked great ever since. I used gyro mounting tape rather than screws to hold the main board on, now it's not nearly as vibration sensitive. it's currently my favorite little heli.