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Blade 330x BNF

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  • Blade 330x BNF

    I had a chance to test fly a Blade 330X today. It was a lot like the older 450X, belt drive and a lot of plastic parts. However it handle wind really well vs the older 450X. Programming was very simple following the manual, took no more than 5 minutes and outside of Gyro and head speed adjustments seem locked it. If Your pilot skills are
    intermediate I think you'll love this helicopter. Its not to fast, maybe 30ish, 40ish in a dive vs the T-Rex 450 doing 65+. It will do anything the T-rex 450 will do but slower and not as locked in which will help you learn faster with less(Crashes). The down side to this airframe is(Blade 330X) the plastic parts which will wear out faster than the T-Rex450's parts. Also no get out of jail card to play here( No bail out ).I may get one just to toss up a flight or two when at the field. I found it fun to fly due to its slower forward speeds. You can lay back and enjoy it like a Sunday flyer.