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230S V2 won’t get out of stability mode

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  • 230S V2 won’t get out of stability mode

    Just got a V2 and all three flight modes are in stability mode. I have a G1 DX18. On the monitor the gear channel is +100 in normal, 0 in fm1, and -100 in fm2. When I press “I” for panic it goes to +150. However, no matter what mode I’m in the heli is bank limited and self leveling. I’m a pretty experienced radio programmer and I’ve walked through my setup with a Horizon tech and everything checks out. Any ideas?

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    Plug into the other channel involved in the mixing. (assuming you used 2 channels)
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      Figured out my problem. Even though it’s not mentioned in the manual, AX2 still triggers a bailout mode like in the V1. My radio defaults AX2 to switch E. I flipped the switch and Voila! I’m in agility mode. I went back and set AX2 to INH so I won’t have to remember to flip the switch.


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        Glad you figured it out. I love mine. Had a mcpx, couple of nanocps,blade 450x (that i was too intimidated to fly agressive). This 230s V2 is so confidence inspiring. Bail out function works well. I wish i had this years ago.
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          Very cool glad you got it!