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XK K130

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  • XK K130

    Recently received this heli for testing and review purposes and was very excited as I love this line of small helicopters from XK. They have all flown great right out of the box so with that in mind I skipped a really good preflight check ran out front and fired her up. Take off was smooth in 6G mode and stable, in fact too stable or I thought. What I missed was one of the cyclic control arms was over tightened at the factory and had very little movement. So thinking the limited movement was caused by the 6G mode I went right into 3G mode. Big mistake! It flew off to left so so fast I lost control but tried to bring the nose around and get it back into 6G mode but to late. Impacted very hard into the middle of the street bounced hit the curb and laid there wiggling and dying. Do skip a preflight and I knew better. Got back to the shop found the control arm issue got new parts did the repairs and Wow. Even after a crash like that this little guy is flying just as good as any of the XK helis I have had in the past. So lets call this a durability test as well and another great little bird from XK.

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    Nice. I have the K120. Flies good. How does the K130 compare to it?


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      Have not flown a K120 but I will guess a step up hence the K130. Ha.