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Official XK K100 With Gyro Thread

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  • Official XK K100 With Gyro Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce our release of the XK K100 with gyro. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this super cool micro helicopter.
    My YouTube RC videos:

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    So, outside of a Walmart coaxial Helicopter, I am an absolute rank amateur when it comes to a fully functional, collective pitch heli. Guess what...I can fly this thing as easily as the Walmart helis!! That is, until I turned the 6 axis gyro off, and tried it straight!!

    The model comes in a very nice box, and is fully assembled. I got the RTF version, and it came with the heli, radio, charger, USB cord that you can use with your cell phone charger or computer, a spare set of main and tail rotors, the battery, and an extra main gear. The instruction manual is your usual Chinese to english translation, but is very informative if you can read between the lines a little.

    The radio is a pretty nice setup, big back lit LCD screen, and even for my failing eyes, everything was very read-able. The switches control the idle up, gyro, dual rates (pre programmed) and throttle cut. The transmitter can be configured to Mode I if that is what you are used to, but ships as a Mode II. The sticks are very comfortable, and the tension is adjustable.

    The Heli itself is very nice, fully assembled out of the box. The battery slides right in under the canopy for easy access and interchangability. The main gear is exposed on the bottom of the heli, so grass should be avoided. The skids are springy, and (trust me on this) can take a pretty good beating. Flying it with the gyro active, and the rates on low is a simple affair for anyone who has any flying experience. Just remember, you have to use rudder to turn it, and bank and yank guys like me often forget this!! I was very impressed with the speed and agility, and overall handling characteristics of the model. Maybe one day I will be able to turn the gyro off and have some real fun with it!!

    If you are looking for an inexpensive, fun heli to learn on, play with in the yard, or impress your friends (if you know how to do all that 3D heli stuff) with, you simply can't beat the K100

    Happy Landings!!


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      Hey everyone,
      i have been back into rc for the last year after being away for a while.
      I can't believe all the things that allow someone to enjoy the sport so much like my sport cub with safe has allowed me to fly planes, not to say I don't crash and my Hubsan X 4 is a blast to fly indoors and out. I am using a Frsky Q7 and love it,though open tx has a bit of a learning curve but thanks to painless 360 and youtube I'm learning.
      Anyway the other day my wife said she would like to learn to fly a helicopter when she goes to the field with me. I saw a XK 100 Rtf on Motion RC website and was wondering if this would be a good one for a newby? I've also seen Blade ones as well. Not knowing a thing about helicopters I'm not sure, like what is collective pitch ect?
      i have a IRX4 plus so I can bind my transmitter to either the XK or the Blade so any suggestions would be appreciated.