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KX-100 Falcon

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  • KX-100 Falcon

    This is a 100 size helicopter swinging 105 mm blades with a total diameter of 24.5 cm. The motor is coreless/brushed and is powered by a 1cell 250 mah lipo battery.The kit is available with a X6 (Futaba class transmitter) 2.4 Ghz S-FHSS in the RTF Version.It has 2 modes: 3D mode and 6G stabilized mode. This means the heli will self level when you let go of the sticks.The helicopter itself is prebuilt and ready to fly. A spare blades and main gear also come with the kit as well as a little screwdriver and hex tool. The batteries are charged with the supplied USB charger. You can charge 2 batteries at the same time which will take 30 mins average.The circuit board has a built-in S-FHSS receiver and ports to connect the motor and servos with no soldering required . Servos and motors comes with white JST plugs for easy plug in.

    The setup is pretty simple providing you have some experience with a Helicopter radio.. It comes with the kit and everything else has been quality tested and pre-programmed from the factory.

    Model: K100 - B
    Motor: Coreless 8520 motor
    Control Distance: 120 meters
    Charging Time: 60 minutes
    Flying Time:5-6 mins.
    Battery Details: 3.7V, 250mAh 25C (included)
    Rotor Diameter: 24.5cm
    Length: 24.5cm
    Height: 7.7cm
    Weight: 45.5g

    There are 2 manuals that comes with the kit one for the radio and for the model itself. The manual is a little vaque on the part of binding. We can't expect much since it is Chinese translated to English. Videos on you tube are available or on Motion RCs website.
    Overall, I am really impressed with the XK100 as it really has good power for a brushed motor. The helicopter may require a minor or little trim I did to have a rock solid hover and a steady forward flight. There's not much programming or setup that is required but the user has the option to change the parameters that one can tailor out to his flying style.