2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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OMPHobby M2 V2

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  • OMPHobby M2 V2

    Finally arrived in the mail yesterday, so today I spent a bit of time programming and setting up the helicopter. Took the head apart and found no lubrication, so fixed that and its ready for the maiden. Hoping to fly it tomorrow.

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    Spent the past few days getting the M2 dialed in. Had an issue at first with the pitch when using OMPs protocol, but come to find out (much later) that the curves are already programmed into the FBL system. But before I figured that out, I decided to mount a DSMx satellite and try it that way. That method has worked so I am keeping it installed. Great little helicopter - having a blast with it. It's very quiet with the direct drive system and very smooth.


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      Hello. I also just picked up a used V2 and have it basically programmed and flying but I am having problems with the stability/3-D mode. It stays in stability mode no matter which position the flight mode switche is in. I am using a spectrum DX8. I have watched a lot of the set up videos on YouTube and they talked about assigning channel 5 to switch be. But in my spectrum radio its not that way. Looking for some help to figure out these settings.


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        Aces, I have my M2 programmed to my TX16s. I have stab mode set on channel 5 that is separate from flight modes but Ive never used stab mode. Is switch B on a 2-position switch? And, what are the end points set at? BTW, i'm a short drive down in Austin and fly at Hill Country Aeromodelers. Hit me up if you make it down this way.

        To update on my previous post - I've since removed the satellite receiver and am using OMPs protocol with telemetry.


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          Hi Cm. Thank you for the reply. I was able to get it working. Finally figured out that channel 5 is my gear switch and I just had to enable that switch and it works now.
          good to know you are close (fairly 😜). Some friends of mine fly down there a lot. Kinney and Rick. Maybe you’ve met them.