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Has any body put a blade ar636 for 230 in clone helicopter

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  • Has any body put a blade ar636 for 230 in clone helicopter

    I have just gota cx450prov5 kit by copter x I am contemplating an experiment by putting an ar636 to give me safe stage 2 is a scale body . Has any body done this.
    alternative wich I also have is kbar v2 and spectrum 6 channel reciever.

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    I haven't done it, but in theory it could be done... If you were going to use a 230 FC in that bird, you would have to reprogram it to run a servo tail, like the fusion 270, and you may have to manually reverse servos, since the FC is not fully programmable in that configuration. You can't use the retail setup of the FC, since it's limited to fixed wing setup, so programming options are very limited and are not helicopter friendly... Unless you enjoy experimenting, problem solving, and late nights, I would not recommend it. If you want safe, there are many available that require less experimentation, beast-x and Spirit immediately come to mind, though there are quite a few out there now.