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Porpoises like dolphin230sV2

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  • Porpoises like dolphin230sV2

    My blade 230sv2 is proposing kinda like dolphin. It’s reduced after battery voltage drops. I have stock frame and everything else upgraded. It’s flying almost perfect. Trim flight does it too, I can get it to hover, but will still pop up n forward. It’s been very aggravating. I have replaced so much. Blade grips, feathering shaft, main shaft. Thought it was from the MH auto/hub w/ Tit shaft, so I purchased a new stock v2 gear n stock shaft. Still doing the same stuff. I had RKH aluminum main rotor head, which I def thought was the problem, because main screw was stripped along with two side screws. I put new RKH head on screws all nice n tight, but still same effects. When spoiling up it has like wobble kinda hard to describe, when landing it does this bouncy like jump few times. I’m hoping it’s mechanical, but I’m starting to have the feeling it’s the Fbl unit. I bought this part by part over the months. I had it flying in hover mid-stick hand off, but recently the hover& flying normally gets disrupted by this porpoising effect. I took blades off to see how servos reacting n at mid-stick it’s where supposed to be, but just notch or two passed front servo shoots up. Safe out it back for split second. I did upgrade to the MH HV servos ( these are really nice). I can’t remember if it did it on stock servos I believe so. I could try dampeners, I guess. I have only been flying for 3 years a lot of flying lol. I’m ready to rip my hair out over this. I have read threads ppl with same kinds problem n fixed by CG, feathering shaft n main. Didn’t help for me. One guy who had almost identical problems said HH sent him a new receiver n his flew great after. I have had couple crashes. I bought the replacement receiver and Warehouse Hobby n it said ar636a on pic I received ar636b , but it flew perfectly from first maiden till crashed. Yeah was so happy how it was flying now for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Probably just spend extra 60$ as my last resort n find ar636A receiver n cross my fingers. I don’t know if flashing the receiver or anything I can do to tell if it’s the FBL. Everything is golden flight modes all work, calibration, servo center mode. Flying with dx6gen 3( not bad radio. Well this is long book and probably more confusing. Figured I’d give shot see anyone has any advice,tips, or knowledgeable info of this porpoising like dolphin effect. Thought for sure was the head loose makes sense popping up n down or the gear mesh, but I have got that all tight n meshed nicely ( I think ). Thx any help. Happy flying

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    I have two Blade 230S-V2 helis and do not have the problem you describe. Some helis are just plain haunted. The shaking on spool up and spool down tells me your main blades may be too tight. However I don't have any advice for the weird dolphin behavior. The one thing that is critical is that the FBL/RX unit must be isolated from the frame - make sure that it is not touching any frame parts and that all the wires attached to the FBL/RX have slack. A too-tight servo cable can transmit vibrations into the unit and cause strange behavior (e.g. tail wag).

    I would recommend asking this question over on the 230S threads on the RCGroups and HeliFeak forums. Lots of knowledgeable pilots over there.