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  • Dipping

    I have a question. When you push the cyclic stick forward to move the heli forward dose the helicopter dip. I would appreciate if someone can help me with this issue. Thank you and happy flying.

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    What size is your helicopter?
    How much is the helicopter dipping when you push forward on the cyclical?
    Do you notice the same behavior if you're higher off the ground? Say, three feet or more?
    Does this happen with fresh batteries (assuming an electric craft), or towards the latter end of your flight time when the battery is weakening?
    In some circumstances, with my micro helicopter, I will experience a slight dip in the craft when transitioning from a low hover to directional movement. This occurs most when I am close to the ground or if there is any breeze at all. Small micro craft are quite affected by ground effect and any breeze.


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      Hi Data Grumm thank you for your concern. I have the xk k100 the xk k130 and the walkera v450d03. I experience a little dip just when the battery gets low. Thanks.


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        Helicopters tilt the disc forward/down to generate forward motion from a standstill. Is this what you're seeing?
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          Yes I understand the tilting of the disk. I've just started flying 6 channel collective pitch helicopters so I need more flying hours to answer you. Let's keep it simple. My question is is it normal for a helicopter to dip a bit when you go forward.


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            "A little dip" sounds normal to me, yes.
            This is especially true if you are hovering close to the ground as your lift pressure washes out a bit.
            Also as your battery gets low, changing the direction of your cyclical creates resistance on the motor, which is weakening due to a low battery, and this lowers the head speed a bit, which results in a slight dip.

            So in answer to your question, this sounds fairly normal to me.


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              Thank you for your help beta grumm. Much appreciated.