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XK120 not binding

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  • XK120 not binding

    This is not actually a beginner heli for me. I've had this heli for some time now, but have never been able to bind to it, either as a new model 5 on the XK6 transmitter I got with my XK110, nor with my OpenTX radio using SHFSS on my external multi-module iRange 4 Plus. The heli board red LED flashes normally on powering up. The heli does not bind automatically. When I press the code button on the RX, the red flashing stops and nothing else happens. When I have done this with my XK110, it binds as it is supposed to. I bought this from Banggood but support is non-existent from them. XK Innovations has not responded to my request for help either. I'd like to avoid buying another receiver board if I can.