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    Hello everyone,

    I have been flying rc planes for the last couple of years. Everything from high wings to EDF's and Warbirds. I am very interested in scale helicopters. I have been flying small fixed pitch type heli's off and on for the last year. I have also been practicing a lot on my simulator. On the sim im currently able to hover in all four orientations, and do some forward flight with some figure eights. The local club i belong to has a very large 3d heli group and one of them is offering to teach me to fly collective pitch with his Fusion 270. I guess my question is since my ultimate goal is to fly scale helicopters would getting any of the RotorScale 450 size heli's be an okay option after I learn with the Fusion 270?

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    Also are their any resources for setting up a scale helicopter? Only flying fixed pitch rtf heli's up until now I still feel like i am missing a lot of knowledge needed to fly larger scale helicopters


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      I would definitely hold off on the RotorScales until you have some build experience and can hover a CP micro in all upright orientations.

      John Salt has an excellent website that helped me when I first started out: RC Helicopter Fun

      That said, I would recommend starting off with one of the excellent XK Innovations CP micros. Although the XK K110 is probably the best micro CP heli trainer out there, my favorite is the XK K123 (which is a scale AS350). MotionRC is my go-to USA vendor for XK stuff, but you need to act quick because these helis (and their spare parts) are very popular and typically sell out pretty quickly - (i.e. you may want to stock up on some spares). Note that these XK micro-helis all use the Futaba S-FHSS protocol.

      And be sure to check out the heli friendly forums for more info - e.g. HeliFreak and RC Groups.