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Official XK 305mm K130 with Gyro Helicopter RTF Thread

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  • Official XK 305mm K130 with Gyro Helicopter RTF Thread

    XK K130 Helicopter with Gyro 305mm (12") Rotor Diameter - Ready To Fly (RTF) - WLT-K130R

    Click image for larger version

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    A leader in mini and micro class RC products since 2011, XK Innovations brings the best of performance and reliability to the smaller side of RC Flight! The dependable precision of its 6-axis stabilized helicopters rivals the stability of larger and more expensive brands while also delivering class-leading Scale Factor and damage resistance. Motion RC stocks a full compliment of available spare parts to keep you flying these amazingly affordable RC model helicopters.

    The XK K130 is a flybarless 6 channel helicopter which is a great introductory model helicopter with fantastic scale looks for beginners due to its built-in stability system (3D/6G) that supports smooth and stable flights with resistance to crashes. However, do not let the beginner status fool you. This helicopter is capable of exhilarating 3D and aerobatic performance for those with more experience under their belts. Here's how the 3D/6G system works:

    3D Mode

    3D Mode uses the 3-axis gyro stabilization. In 3D Mode, you can easily perform aerobatic maneuvers such as rolling, inverted flight, hurricane and side flying and much more with the confidence 3-axis stabilization affords you.

    6G Mode

    6G Mode uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization. This is the perfect mode for beginners as it provides a very stable platform as you learn and become more confident with the model.

    • The all metal CNC rotor head, flybarless design and aerodynamic blade provides a strong driving force self stability
    • 3D/6G is a 3-6 Axis Auto Stabilization System that supports stability both while learning and performing advanced aerobatics. Easily move between the two modes using the switches on the 6 Channel transmitter (refer to the manual)
    • Powerful 308 brushless motor with 2S 7.4V 600mAh 25C high rate battery
    • Rotor clamp linkage structure, small clearance and flexible rotation
    • Transmitter supports switching between 3-axis & 6-axis gyro modes
    • XK K130 with Gyro 305mm (12") Rotor Diameter - RTF
    • FTR Futaba S-FHSS Compatible 6CH 2.4GHz Transmitter
    • 2.4GHz Receiver
    • 3D/6G a 3-6 Axis Auto Stabilization System
    • 2S 600mAh 7.4V 25C Li-Po flight battery and charger
    • Screwdriver
    • Nothing! Everything you need to fly is included.

    Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL: 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
    BUILD TIME: None
    Class / Size Micro
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective Pitch
    Body Material Plastic
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 305mm x NA x 98mm
    Flying Weight 124g
    Main Rotor Diameter 305mm
    Main Rotor Blade Length 305mm
    Tail Rotor Diameter NA
    Tail Rotor Blade Length NA
    Tail Drive Type 1020 Coreless Motor
    Cyclic Servos NA
    Tail Servo None
    Power System NA
    Electronic Speed Control Integrated
    Recommended Battery 2S 7.4V 600 mAh LiPo (included)
    Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H) NA
    Required Radio FTR Futaba S-FHSS Compatible 6CH 2.4GHz Transmitter (included)
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time None
    Recommended Environment Large Indoor or Outdoors
    My YouTube RC videos: