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UH-1N Finally Finished

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  • UH-1N Finally Finished

    Hey Guys,
    I finally finished up my Roban 800 UH-1N. I have had a lot of scale helicopters in my 40 years of modeling but have had none that fly any better than this one. The 1/6th scale weapons came from BlackOpsToys. A pretty good fit for this size Huey.

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    Beautiful work!


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      Helipilot, that really looks great, thanks for sharing! What electronics did you use? Servos/motor/esc/flight controller? Is this fully stock with extra decals, or did you add extra details? The rocket pods, for example, are those from BlackOpsToys? I recall the guns are included in the Roban kit but unsure if those pods are, also?


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        Thanks. Electronics are Spectrum AR7200BX set on soft cyclic and using transmitter expo. High torque servos on cyclic on a 4.8 battery. Align 750MX 530 kv and a Castle 160 esc with cooling fan. Decals are pretty much from the kit except I added my own numbers on the tail and the Marine decal on the nose. The guns and rocket pods are included but the rockets are 1/4 inch wood dowels run through a pencil sharpener and sanded then painted. The guns in the kit are actually very nice but I ran across these and HAD to have them. This thing is heavy but flies great with plenty of power. Nothing gets hot, just warm to the touch and I get a good 6 minute flight on two 6000mah batteries.


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          Wow, that looks so nice, you did a great job on that one, any video?

          I have been thinking about building another scale heli, had 9 of the 600 size, Hughes 500E and D models, Agusta 109, AS 350, and a Bell 47. So how was that kit to build and all that, any major problems or things like that?? Thanks


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            I have built many scale helicopters and this one was without a doubt the easiest to build. Everything fit well and I encountered NO problems. I really liked the added detail and nice paint work right out of the box. Just by adding a little paint and weathering you can make this Huey look very real. The supplied mechanics were completely built and are a work of art. Motion RC did their homework with the recommended motor size and KV. The model flies VERY smooth and has plenty of power.


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              Hello all! Huey looks good! I am working on the 700 cobra now... I'm having an issue... I've never built a big belt driven heli before. I'm getting bind in one spot when the motor rotates. The belt looks level... I can't pin point the cause of the bind... any suggestions?