Freewing F-14 80mm Twin EDF

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  • Sizing

    Noob question here. What determines the size of a helo? I was looking at the Admiral video and they said they were 400s, but to me, they don't look much bigger than my Blade 230S.

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    If I remember right, from my heli days, it's a "size class" based on the length of one main rotor blade in mm. For example, if a single main rotor blade was 480mm, it would be considered a 500 class heli.


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      The sizing really depends on the brand. A lot of manufacturers have changed to using blade length to describe size. The Goblins, Blade Helis, and Synergys all go exactly by blade size. However, Align sized things a bit differently. Most scale helicopters are based off of this size definition, since they were designed around the older Align mechanics. The Admiral Helis are 450 sized by these standards:

      450 size = 325mm blades

      500 size = 425mm blades

      550 size = 550mm blades

      600 size = 600mm blades

      700 size = 700mm blades

      800 size = 800mm blades

      Why is there a disconnect at the smaller sizes? Well, I have heard that it may been based off of glow engine sizing orignially, and correlating that to blade length, but honestly I'm not sure. It does make things a bit confusing though.


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        The Old Helicopters go by motor power size( .30, .50, .90, 1.20 ) and the new one's go off of blade size.