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Landing Space

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  • Landing Space

    Hello Everyone, I've always been amazed by the abilities of helicopter pilots. I do have a question though, and that's can anyone explain how helicopter pilots judge whether or not their rotors will fit in an area when landing? I'm sure my question may seem elementary to all of you, but it's a question I've always wanted to ask a pilot. Thanks for any help you can give me!

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    I’m not a heli pilot (not a real heli anyway), but I think all pilots know the diameter of their aircraft’s rotors and the total length of their machine. The rest is experience and eyeballing and an acute sense of depth perception. It’s no different than a car driver knowing whether or not the car will fit into a parallel parking space.


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      After-thought ............................. Some modern cars have proximity sensors and "auto parking" capabilities. They can park themselves. I somehow doubt that a modern day helicopter has the same sort of sensors to indicate when the rotors are going to not fit into a certain space and I haven't seen any real helicopters with "curb feelers". It's still very much a "pilot" thing.