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Need some help here

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  • Need some help here

    Ok, every other forum I look at seems abandon.
    Purchased a blade 330X RTF, supplied trans seems to have flight issues. So I bind to my DX6, having
    Settings leading to very squirrelly flight.
    Any ideas ???

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    BobbyD Welcome to Hobby Squawk, BobbyD, would you please expound what you mean by "squirrelly"? Is the tail wagging from left to right? Or is the airframe itself shuddering? Or are the blades not tracking?

    Depending on the exact symptoms you're experiencing, we guys n' gals here can better suggest possible fixes.


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      What I mean is, seems VERY touchy and quite unstable.
      i also have a smaller blade 150S, and it flies great !!!


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        Wow. One whole reply......dead zone ??


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          What radio are you using? Would you be able to share your settings? Did you buy the RTF or the BNF version, and from whom?


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            Your DX6 has expo, dial in some expo to make the stick movement less sensitive around center stick and see if this makes it less touchy. R.
            AMA 424553


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              Alpha, I bought the RTF but had better luck with my dx6


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                Hi bobby
                if it relative new heli i have a 200s and 230v2 and carnt remeber if yours if it has any ar636 variant you may need to do a trimming flight mentioned in the manual .my 200s needed but my 230sv2 was perfect up untill recently i have only had blade helis first on was blade 450 3d now has a scale body on it . If it is old school like above turn down the tale giro in small amounts on the dx6i my 450 was happy on 72 %. A triming flight you put your heli in that mode in no wind preferably the fly for a minute then land come out of the trimming flight mode and should be all good if this steers you in the right directon great carnt remember your model through.