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LED Light Controller Advice Needed

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  • LED Light Controller Advice Needed

    Hey y’all!
    I’m looking to solve my Cobra & B407 nagging issue with the supplied Roban light controllers. They work fine, but I don’t like having to flip through several modes each time I power up to get the mode I want. Is there a way to “set” the mode in the controller so it doesn’t change?
    I purchased a Freewing V3 controller but the instructions show a max voltage rating of less than my 6.6v receiver. Can anyone recommend a controller?


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    Can you install a voltage regulator that would bring the voltage down for the light controller.
    I bought one from Graves RC in Orlando and it was inexpensive and works great. I use it to bring down the voltage for my 401/9254 combo.
    Roy Mayoral


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      Thanks, Heli....I kinda got the “wandering mode” issue fixed, but not sure how I did it. Guess I flipped the tx switch enough it finally gave up & now stays in the proper mode on startup. I separated the 2 skid mounted landing spots & instrument cluster to another controller I got from AMain, which is an rc car controller, but the leds don’t know the difference.


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        great to hear!
        Roy Mayoral


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          try the brain cube its a very good lighting system


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            Thanks, Seaharrierman...wish I’d found that one before I did all this. Took more soldering than I like but got everything working right.