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Double-Cats Rotor Head Reviews?

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  • Double-Cats Rotor Head Reviews?

    Does anyone have experience with Double-Cats rotor heads? I’m sourcing a 600 size 4 blade head for an EC-145/Phoenixtech ESP project and found a video of a 600 UH-60 flying one. They look good at first glance and the price is very reasonable. Most interested in all comments!

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    What do you want to know? I can try to get answers directly from Phoenix.

    I haven't flown one myself, though, so I'm also interested in heading if anyone here has done so.
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      I’ve flown a few of their 500 size heads and have found them to fly quite well. Have flown their 5 blade on my 500 Little Bird for 6 years now without any issues. I have not flown any of their 600 heads, but I also have 2 of them that will go on future projects, a 4 blade for my Bell 222, and a 5 blade for my Sea King. Both are well built and have no noticeable issues.


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        Interested in opinions about tolerances, sloppiness, finish quality, vibration, etc. Would like to know what experiences users have with it in general. I’m a little suspicious of a < $150 600 size 4 blade head but certainly won’t disregard it based on price alone. I would hate to discover it’s milled from 6061-T0 after the fact, for example.


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          Thanks, F106! You replied while I was typing my last post, I guess.