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RC Plane Chase Using a Drone

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  • RC Plane Chase Using a Drone

    Besides FliteTest and vendors, I don't see too many people chasing RC planes using drones. But I think our planes are so beautiful in the air and deserve to be seen in all their glory close-up in their element, and the best way to do it is with a drone! So share your RC plane chase videos here!

    I will start off. I admit race/free style quads are best suited for the job. But at the moment, all I have is a DJI Mavic Pro, so I make do the best I can. The following was shot using Mavic Pro with Goggles RE with head tracking enabled.

    YouTube Channel:
    Currently Flying: Sebart PC-21, Taft Cobra, 3DHS Osiris 60, CZ Splendor, FMS PC-21(FPV), FMS BF-109 1400mm, DJI Mavic Pro (FPV plane chase), FMS Fox Glider 2.32m, Flyzone Seawind
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