F-8 Crusader 64mm EDF Jet PNP

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Servo Position

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  • Servo Position

    Hello, I recently purchased a XK X520. After watching videos online I tried to get it to hover. Mine does not respond like the other videos. When I select 6G mode the servo arm is about 90 degrees to the body of the servo and looks correct. When I select Vertical mode the servo arm moves to almost full forward towards the leading edge. The elevons will actuate properly? when I push the stick forward but will only go as far as to align with the trailing edge when I pull the stick back. The wind took it and I could not get it back. I managed to turn it around and edge it back to me. Anyone experienced the same thing? What can be done to correct the elevon travel? Thanks.

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    I don't have this model but as nobody else is answering, I'll give it a try. First, what this plane does while sitting on the bench may not be indicative of how it's going to fly. I've read the instructions and watched a video on this plane and all I can say is that this plane should be taken off either from the vertical position (V mode) using the technique (auto take off) outlined in the manual OR as a standard airplane from a smooth surface on it's wheels, in 6G. It also notes that this plane should not be flown in high wind when trying the hover.
    To make sure your plane was set up correctly at the factory, test it in 3D (airplane) mode on the bench. Do the elevons react as they should ...................... ie, right roll, left roll, up, down? Of course, you must understand what the elevons do on a delta wing plane when you move the sticks a certain way. If you don't, look at the pictures in the manual.
    When you switch to V mode or 6G mode on the bench, the flight controller may do odd things and may not immediately make any sense, especially if you've never had experience with such planes. Can you take off in the vertical? Can you control it in that mode? Does it transition into airplane mode (6G)? Can you fly it that way? 3D mode should not be tried until you get used to how it flies. 3D mode removes all the stabilizing and safety features and you are on your own.