Freewing F-14 80mm Twin EDF

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For Sale DJI Phantom 1

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  • For Sale DJI Phantom 1

    I have a DJI Phantom 1 for sale. It includes the following.

    4 X Spare batteries ( 3 are Admiral and almost new)
    4 X spare transmitter batteries.
    1 X Neck strap
    4 X New spare props
    1 X DJI Charger
    1 X GoPro camera mount (Not a gimbal)
    1 X Aluminum case. All the above fits inside the case and the props remain fitted to the quad.
    1 X USB Cable

    This quad copter has never been crashed and is in excellent condition. Can arrange to meet if you live in Southern California. Also one hours free flight training if you need it by an FAA Licensed UAV Pilot.

    Photos available on request.

    Asking $285.00

    Contact Martin