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First Impressions of the Hubsan H501S x4 Quadcopter

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  • First Impressions of the Hubsan H501S x4 Quadcopter

    I recently bought a Hubsan H501S X4 5.8G FPV Brushless With 1080P HD Camera GPS RC Quadcopter. I had a few toy quads a few years ago I would fly in the house so this is my first real quad. I have been flying fixed wing for 2 1/2 years.

    I got it a couple of days ago and have flown it it in my front yard. I have only flown it in GPS mode and I thought it was very easy to fly. I used the return to home option which is really cool.

    The altitude hold is an awesome feature for getting pictures and video. Going to take it to our flying field and getting some pics of one of our fields.

    Overall the quad is awesome. I was concerned I might tear it up since I have never really had a quad before other than toys. This is certainly something I can grow into. Got some cool video of our neighborhood.

    I put some white tape on the front legs so I can easily see in the air the front of the quad.

    I really like it and look forward to learning all the features.

    A picture I took this morning.
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    Jobin, that's pretty cool. I had a Dromida Vista, but sadly lost in the wind. I really enjoyed flying it and do plan on getting a more professional quad like a Yuneec Typoon 500. I would like to do photography work and do some work for some farmers. That being said I would need to get my part 107 with the FAA.
    Still Learning:D