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Official Fly Wing 450AF Airwolf 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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  • Official Fly Wing 450AF Airwolf 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

    Click image for larger version

Name:	fly-wing-450af-airwolf-450-size-flybarless-gps-stabilized-helicopter-rtf-motion-rc-34408093778105.jpg
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    This innovative aircraft combines the sport capabilities of a 450 size helicopter with the rock-solid stability of a GPS-stabilized flight control system. Similar to high-end drones, this system links with GPS satellites in orbit to maintain positional awareness at all times. Sold as an RTF ("Ready To Fly") package, this Fly Wing 450AF includes almost everything you need to fly except batteries. All radio programming is completed at the factory for you and Motion RC carries a full range of spare parts at an affordable price.

    Featuring a carbon fiber frame, dual brushless motors, a high precision flybarless flight controller, and Omni H1 GPS technology, and a long flight duration of 8-13 minutes on an economical 4S LiPo battery, the 450AF is the perfect helicopter for intermediate pilots looking for a casual trainer that can also push the envelope toward sportier flying.

    NOTE: the one-click reverse feature is turned off by default, as it may damage the body. This can be turned on by linking with a PC.
    Durable and Stable

    The CNC-finished metal main rotor assembly and linkage layout is configured like larger class helicopters, positioning servos in optimal positions for mechanical advantage. The frame is laser cut from high strength aviation grade carbon fiber that resists twisting, and the durable landing skids’ widened stance improves clearance and stability when operating from firm, clear, and clean surfaces.
    Reliable Radio Control

    Featuring a modern 2.4GHz 10 channel radio transmitter, the 450L V2 can be operated near other RC vehicles without risk of losing signal. Conveniently, all of the basic flight mixes and functions are pre-programmed at the factory for you. Like any GPS-equipped flight system, the helicopter requires a one-time, ~15 second GPS calibration process that calibrates itself for your specific geographic region to improve the GPS’ accuracy. For advanced pilots, the expansive user manual includes instructions to unlock additional programming features via the radio’s convenient touchscreen LCD display.
    • User friendly GPS-assisted flight modes including One-Touch Takeoff and Automatic Landing via included pre-programmed radio transmitter
    • RTF ("Ready To Fly") convenience with simple computer calibration and one minute physical assembly
    • Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor design eliminates 90% of moving parts for less vibration, less setup, and longer lifespan
    • GPS automatic stabilization and 3D manual modes
    • One-touch return to home
    • Low power and signal loss automatic return to home
    • Hands-free figure 8s
    • Fly Wing 450AF Airwolf 450 Size GPS Stabilized Helicopter - RTF
    • 2.4GHz radio and receiver
    • Charger
    • Flight battery
    Requires:Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
    BUILD TIME : 10 Minutes
    Class / Size 450 Size
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective Pitch
    Body Material Plastic
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 860mm (33.9") x N/A x 190mm (7.5")
    Flying Weight 1,300g
    Main Rotor Diameter 805mm / 31.7"
    Main Rotor Blade Length 360mm / 14.2"
    Tail Rotor Diameter 125mm / 4.9"
    Tail Rotor Blade Length N/A
    Tail Drive Type 2008 Brushless Motor
    Cyclic Servos H041 Servo - RSH1005-112
    Tail Servo N/A
    Power System 2816 Brushless Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 60A
    Recommended Battery Admiral 4S 2200mAh with XT60 connector
    Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H) N/A
    Required Radio 2.4GHz Radio (Included)
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 10 minutes
    Recommended Environment Outdoors

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    I’m glad to see any more scale helis in the inventory, but my god that fuselage is hideous.. The undersized, painted on cockpit, no V-stab, no H-stab end plates, super short rotor mast, etc. Hopefully they can work on their scale lines a bit more in the future..


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      Hello I just joined into this forum and would like to know if parts are shipped from Europe or elsewhere and if there is a parts supplier for the FW200 here in Europe thanks


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        I just saw the video on this and I've always loved this helicopter. But it's been my dream for a long time to make it FPV. I'm willing to do that with this one if there's room somewhere inside to put the camera up in the nose that won't interferel with the landing gear and securing the transmitter somewhere in the body where it might catch some air. I'm wanting to put the DJI 03 camera system in it.

        Basically I need to know what kind of space is inside that shell


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          How do you adjust the main belt tension in V3 Airwolf?


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            Fantastic looking heli. Lots of beginner friendly tech.
            watching the videos the initial ascent seems very quick. Almost jumps off the ground.
            Is there a way of slowing the ascent down so it is more scale like.