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Official Fly Wing 450L V3 450 Helicopter Discussion Thread

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  • Official Fly Wing 450L V3 450 Helicopter Discussion Thread

    450L V3 450 Size GPS Stabilized Helicopter - RTF from Fly Wing - RSH1010-002

    Click image for larger version  Name:	master.jpg Views:	1148 Size:	55.6 KB ID:	372386

    Version Info: This is the updated V3 version. Please see below in the features to see what has been updated from the V2.5.

    The Fly Wing 450L V3 450 size GPS Stabilized Helicopter is unlike any RC helicopter you’ve flown before! This innovative aircraft combines the sport capabilities of a 450 size helicopter with the rock-solid stability of a GPS-stabilized flight control system. Similar to high-end drones, this system links with GPS satellites in orbit to maintain positional awareness at all times. Sold as an RTF ("Ready To Fly") package, this Fly Wing 450L V3 includes almost everything you need to fly except batteries. All radio programming is completed at the factory for you. The modular design makes it easy to repair and Motion RC carries a full range of spare parts at an affordable price.

    Featuring a carbon fiber frame, dual brushless motors, wire-free quick-disconnect tail boom, a high precision flybarless flight controller, and Omni H1 GPS technology, and a long flight duration of 8-13 minutes on an economical 4S LiPo battery, the 450L V3 is the perfect helicopter for intermediate pilots looking for a casual trainer that can also push the envelope toward sportier flying.
    User Friendly 3D Flight

    New to 3D flight? No problem! The onboard GPS system and included radio transmitter is pre-programmed with switches that will fly auto-piloted maneuvers like One-Touch Startup, One-Touch Takeoff, Hands-Free Figure 8s, Hands-Free Position Hold, and One-Touch Return To Home and Automatic Landing. Our favorite feature is Inverted Hover with the simple flick of a switch, which remains GPS-stabilized for a stable, hands-off hover. This is the only RTF helicopter in the world with this special feature, and is unlockable via the included software.
    RTF - "Ready To Fly"

    This RTF ("Ready To Fly") package arrives in a new EPP box with everything needed to fly except batteries for the radio transmitter. The helicopter, radio transmitter, battery charger, basic tools, and user guide are all included in the box. Read the manual, install the blades, plug in the tool-less tail boom, charge the battery, calibrate the GPS for your location, then conduct your pre-flight tests and start flying!
    Powerful and Consistent

    The large 2816 brushless main drive motor is paired with an integrated 16V 60A ESC to provide plentiful power for all appropriate flight maneuvers. The 450L V3 responds quickly and maintains consistent power and speed during 3D flight. We are especially impressed by the power system’s efficiency with an economical Admiral 4S 2200mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector, which is perfectly sized to fit and CG. This Admiral battery is recommended as a spare to the included flight battery, to keep you flying back to back flights of fun!
    Reliable Radio Control

    Featuring a modern 2.4GHz 10 channel radio transmitter, the 450L V3 can be operated near other RC vehicles without risk of losing signal. Conveniently, all of the basic flight mixes and functions are pre-programmed at the factory for you. Like any GPS-equipped flight system, the helicopter requires a one-time, ~15 second GPS calibration process that calibrates itself for your specific geographic region to improve the GPS’ accuracy. For advanced pilots, the expansive user manual includes instructions to unlock additional programming features via the radio’s convenient touchscreen LCD display.
    • NEW! The GPS module has changed locations from the V2.5 tail boom to the canopy section for added protection, reducing the risk of damage
    • NEW! The algorithm of the flight controller has been upgraded making the GPS more stable in flight
    • NEW! The manual 3D control performance in NON-GPS mode has been improved
    • NEW! New eye-catching canopies available in green (or white)
    • NEW! Packaging now comes in an EPP box for easy transport
    • User friendly GPS-assisted flight modes including One-Touch Takeoff and Automatic Landing via included pre-programmed radio transmitter
    • RTF ("Ready To Fly") convenience with simple computer calibration and one minute physical assembly
    • Modular “quick-detach” metal tail boom requiring no tools or maintenance
    • Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor design eliminates 90% of moving parts for less vibration, less setup, and longer lifespan
    • Fly Wing 450L V3 450 Size White GPS Stabilized Helicopter - RTF
    • 2.4GHz radio and receiver
    • Charger
    • Flight battery
    Requires:Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL :14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL :Intermediate
    BUILD TIME :10 minutes
    Class / Size 450 Size
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective Pitch
    Body Material Plastic
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 680mm (26.8") x 120mm (4.7") x 220mm (8.7")
    Flying Weight 768g
    Main Rotor Diameter 810mm / 31.9"
    Main Rotor Blade Length 360mm / 14.2"
    Tail Rotor Diameter 125mm / 4.9"
    Tail Rotor Blade Length N/A
    Tail Drive Type Brushless Motor
    Cyclic Servos 450L V3 Servo 031 - RSH6005-002
    Tail Servo N/A
    Power System 2816 Brushless Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 60A
    Recommended Battery Admiral 4S 5000mAh with XT60 connector
    Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H) N/A
    Required Radio 2.4GHz Radio (Included)
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 10 minutes
    Recommended Environment Outdoors
    My YouTube RC videos:

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    Available in both white and green.
    My YouTube RC videos:


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      Hello, Might I add if anyone has any issues or questions they can had over the the official Flywing Facebook group page.
      This is the technical discussion group of flywing products, where members share the flight test and flight control installation technology.

      We have plenty of group members to help you out in any way, I'm one of the group admins and I'm located in the US


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        Out of the box I have an issue with the V3 3d fw450. Calibrated on the PC as instructed, got the success message. Took off and only had full control for about 10 seconds. After that it started to climb and fly on its own. Stick movement on the radio did not matter, return to home did not matter, so I hit the stop switch and rotated back safely. If i had let it continue, the Hleli would have been lost. I have no idea what is going on but appears to be GPS related since I was in that mode.


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          The windows pc is mis information you need a windows lap top to calibrate it in the field. I have returned a air wolf because or this i do not have a lap top buyer beware. Other wise great producet.


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            This is the most usless web for information i have posted many times with no answer doesn't anyone from motion rc moniter this in any case . I simply would like to know what ver of the software i need to dnload for THE NEW VER 450L. THANKS


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              So today i soloed my airwolf flywing heli and I was about 5 ft off the ground after 5 min the power cut out and I checked the voltage showing 2.01 on all cells 5000 mah battery. I charged it to 100 percent took a long time like 2.5 hours I mean cmon man they advertised as 15 min. So I made sure software was on soft mode. I slightly crashed it will need new paint on bottom but should it have had a safety feature to land by itself?


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                Originally posted by Gigg View Post
                The windows pc is mis information you need a windows lap top to calibrate it in the field. I have returned a air wolf because or this i do not have a lap top buyer beware. Other wise great producet.
                Also internet access?


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                  I have a battery question in regards to the 450L V3, is this correct forum?


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                    Hello can someone help, I landed hard and after that my fw450v3 does not run anymore. When I power down and power up it does not make that startup double beep/buzz the control and heli in 3D mode function but the motor will not run anymore . Help thx


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                      WOW! After purchasing both the Fly Wing FW450L and the FW Bell 206, I finally received the 450L and had to try it out. As a fair Heli pilot, I felt confident to just go fly this thing, after a few transmitter changes and the activation of the inverted switch option in Pro Mode, I went out into my yard and flew right off the street for the maiden flight. All I can say is WOW! This model was so stable in GPS mode and did not drift one bit. I flew up and down the street about 10' up and it tracked like it was on rails. Next took it up about 40' and tried the inverted switch and damn if it didn't roll into an upside-down position. I have the professional setting for inverted flight, and it responded just like my other models. Taking it out of inverted it rolled a bit awkward but did come back to level within a second or two. Finally, I tried the tail rotor for pirouettes, and then switched into ATTI mode. Here it did drift with the light breeze to its left but was easily controllable and when traveling forward of reverse kept the altitude just fine at 10' and tracked well.

                      I am very impressed as many of you have stated, and I even managed 10 minutes with time to spare. This is going to be a lot of fun to hone my skills some, but I do see where it also does most of the work. Still a very enjoyable model to fly without worry of a mistake. GREAT! Another happy recommendation for this model.