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Official Fly Wing Bell 206 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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  • Official Fly Wing Bell 206 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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Name:	fly-wing-bell-206-450-size-gps-stabilized-helicopter-rtf.webp
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    This innovative aircraft combines the sport capabilities of a 450 size helicopter with the rock-solid stability of a GPS-stabilized flight control system. Similar to high-end drones, this system links with GPS satellites in orbit to maintain positional awareness at all times. Sold as an RTF ("Ready To Fly") package, this Fly Wing Bell 206 includes almost everything you need to fly except the four AA transmitter batteries. All radio programming is completed at the factory for you and Motion RC carries a full range of spare parts at an affordable price.

    Featuring a carbon fiber frame, dual brushless motors, a high precision flybarless flight controller, and Omni H1 GPS technology, and a long flight duration of 8-13 minutes on an economical 4S LiPo battery, the Bell 206 is the perfect helicopter for intermediate pilots looking for a casual trainer that can also push the envelope toward sportier flying.

    NOTE: the one-click reverse feature is turned off by default, as it may damage the body. This can be turned on by linking with a PC.
    Ready to Fly

    This RTF package includes everything needed to fly, except batteries for the radio transmitter. The helicopter, radio transmitter, flight battery, and battery charger are all included in the box. Read the manual, charge the battery, calibrate the GPS for your location, then conduct your pre-flight tests and start flying!
    Effortless Wind Resistance

    Thanks to the GPS-stabilized flight control system, the Bell 206 can negotiate the flight environment with ease. The rock-solid stability of the flight control system links with GPS satellites in orbit to maintain positional awareness at all times.
    Brushless Tail Motor

    The Bell 206 tail adopts a high-speed brushless motor for a long service life, fast response and easy maintenance. The silent blade design reduces sound and increases efficiency.
    Scale Details

    The Bell 206 offers scale features such as the exhaust and other elements of the hollow mesh design that help bring the historic helicopter's storied history back to life.
    Reliable Radio Control

    Featuring a modern 2.4GHz 10 channel radio transmitter, the Bell 206 can be operated near other RC vehicles without risk of losing signal. Conveniently, all of the basic flight mixes and functions are pre-programmed at the factory for you.
    Return To Home Feature

    With the Return To Home feature, the Bell 206 will always make a safe journey home in the event of a low battery or signal loss for that extra bit of confidence and insurance.
    • User friendly GPS-assisted flight modes including One-Touch Takeoff and Automatic Landing via included pre-programmed radio transmitter
    • RTF ("Ready To Fly") convenience with simple computer calibration and one minute physical assembly
    • Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor design eliminates 90% of moving parts for less vibration, less setup, and longer lifespan
    • GPS automatic stabilization and 3D manual modes
    • One-touch return to home
    • Low power and signal loss automatic return to home
    • Hands-free figure 8's
    • Fly Wing Bell 206 450 Size GPS Stabilized Helicopter - RTF
    • 2.4GHz radio and receiver
    • 4S Charger
    • 4S 14.8V 3000mAh Lipo Battery with XT60 connector
    Requires:Optional:Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate
    BUILD TIME : 10 Minutes
    Class / Size 450 Size
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective pitch
    Body Material Plastic
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 750mm (29.5") X 155mm (6.1") X 220mm (8.7")
    Weight (without battery) 836g (29.5 oz)
    Main Rotor Diameter 810mm / 31.8"
    Main Rotor Blade Length N/A
    Tail Rotor Diameter N/A
    Tail Rotor Blade Length N/A
    Tail Drive Type Brushless motor
    Cyclic Servos H041 13g metal gear servo - RSH1005-112
    Tail Servo N/A
    Power System 3508 brushless motor
    Electronic Speed Control 60A
    Recommended Battery Admiral 4S 3000mAh with XT60 connector
    Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H) N/A
    Required Radio 2.4GHz radio (included)
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 10 minutes
    Recommended Environment Outdoors

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    So what happened? I see its no longer listed for sale on the site.


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      Despite the confusion about a V2 -2.5-3 version which apparently a factory thing, the overall package is quite impressive. I'm not going to do an indepth review but I will premise my comments but stating that I have 48 years of RC Heli experience. Every 10 -15 years rc heli technology seems to take a jump and this little sweetheart is one of them. The overall glass work, mechanics and stability sytems are worthy of note. Once I studied the online videos a bit, did some simple checks and charged the battery it was time to go to the field. The maiden flight went well and the heli flew very nicely. Its very stable in hover, forward flight and just a bit sensitive in transition but not bad. It helps to have some heli flying experience but with some guidance most beginners would be able to safely operate it within a few training sessions. I'm impressed with the overall package which INCLUDES everything to fly. Why did I buy it? I fly mostly scale now and this little gem helps to keep my orientation maneuver skills up to date. I find I am smoother in hovering positions ( side profile, nose in, 3/4 profile etc ) and slow pirouettes with my big Roban birds.

      Cheers and happy hovering