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K123 out of control.

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  • K123 out of control.

    Hi, I'm desperate for help with my little K123. A fabulous model that, up until recently, performed fantastically. It has had some hard landings and now will not respond to the commands from the radio transmitter. I find neither instructions for the helicopter or the transmitter helpful. They appear to be translations from Chinese and do not make sense. I have probably made the situation worse by flicking switches on the transmitter without knowing what the effect would be! Is there anyway of re-calibrating the helicopter to the transmitter. Please help me!!!

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    More than likely the Flight Controller is broken. If nothing is wrong mechanically and it powers up, maybe try to "ReBind" it. The instructions are online and Futaba SFHSS autobinds after activation.


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      Okay. I will try that. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.