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Xk-K110 clone issue.

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  • Xk-K110 clone issue.

    So I fashioned together a K110 helicopter from Motion RC and Amazon. I purchased the upgraded servos, frame, servo brace, canopy and other bits that came in a kit. The rest was Motion RC. New feathering shaft, main shaft and everything else that is required. The only item was the flight controller! I used the K100 FC. I only removed the power lead cuz the ESC provides the power.
    THe issue: it bobbles going forward and reverse in either 6G or 3D!?! I did both calibration for 6G and 3D. It hovers fine and move side to side pretty good. I tested new main gear, the feathering shaft, and main shaft. It is either the FC or servos, but there servos seem good. The oddity is ALL of the BNF K100's and my two K110's have the FC labeled as V977R-V6. The FC in question said V977R-V5???

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    Update: unable to resolve the issue, I took a deeper dive. The Gyro/Accelerometer chip is an older (?) version. It has a capacitor tied to ground for voltage supply boost, not sure. But the other boards DON'T use this... It helps the Accelerometers.