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RC Plane Chase Using a Drone

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    Originally posted by Turbinefancy View Post
    Sgt Ray,

    A lot of useful tips presented. But most people don't have the attention span to take it all in. We are in the hobby to escape and have fun then maybe pickup a few useful tips. So share the fun you are having with RedBeard. My suggestion is outline the purpose of the video in the first 10 second of the video. Focus on a few key points, demonstrate variations of it. Then move on to the next video. Most people watch a couple minutes for flying videos. Maybe longer for tutorial or builds.

    The outside loop orbit around (diving in front of) the Cessna is something I haven't seen before. Pretty gutsy. Also the explanations for orbiting around a plane, visualizing a Saturn belt or donut around the plane for possible positions for the drone (due to prop tilt) would be pretty cool. Also when one loses sight of the plane, the easiest way to find it again around mid-day is to look on the ground for its shadow then look up.

    From a plane flyer's perspective. That's about all I know for drones.

    Have fun,

    PS. There's a difference between flying for fun and flying for audience. Flying for fun the lead plane can do all kinds of spontaneous things. Flying for audience, the lead need to be slow and predictable and essentially boring so chase can plan the shot and move around at close range so subject is not just a speck on the screen. It's hard to find a patient lead that would cooperate.
    Yeah, it was too long. I was having too much fun doing it LOL. I blame you for that! Ha Ha Ha


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      Joe's Phoenix Tucano

      First time chased Joe goes up with a maiden of his new to him Phoenix Tucano.

      It went very well!​


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        I met another good pilot up at Albuquerque's Balloon Airpark. His name was Skyler and he went up with his new Freewing AL37 Airliner Twin 70mm EDF Jet.


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          Here we have Andy, Harvey, and Skyler. Roaring the Balloon Park airfield in their, F7f TigerCats.


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            Last flight the motor caught fire. He doesn't have much luck with Russian aircraft. What will it do this time??......


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              Another outing at the Albuquerque Balloon park. But this time I go up with, not 1. Not 2. But 3! WWII planes Pilots RedBeard, Andy, and Joey.