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Need help with Dynam ME 262

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  • Need help with Dynam ME 262

    Hello everyone, I have the Dynam ME 262 and took it out today and when trying to build speed for takeoff, the right side motor quit.

    Checked it out at full throttle while holding onto it and seemed ok. Took it back out to the runway and tried again. Got the same results, right motor cuts out.

    Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas as to what's causing it? I did a wattage/amp check and here are the numbers: 1430 watts, and a steady 98 amp draw at full power.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you..........

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    Could be heat shutting down the ESC. The Dynam Me262 has little to no cooling for the ESCs.
    The ESCs have thermal shutdown. If they get too hot they disable the motor. If they get even hotter they'll shut down the BEC attempting to prevent a fire.

    I chose ti cut large "windows" in the heat shrink over the ESC's heat sinks. Be sure to leave abut 14 inch around the edge to hold the heat sink in place.
    I also attached sticks with rubber bands to hod the heat sinks up s air could get all around them.

    Then I drilled in through the gun ports to create inlet air scoops that still looked like the gun ports (paint medium to dark grey)
    Some foam cutting in the battery area t let the air pass on each side of the battery
    And an air exit, minimum 3X the total inlet area through the gun ports behind the wing in the belly of the fuselage.
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