2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Olive Drab

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Yellow Aircraft F-22 Raptor Build Thread

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  • Yellow Aircraft F-22 Raptor Build Thread

    So my Freewing 90mm F-22 just got a big brother this weekend! Scored a rare Y/A F-22 kit from a friend of mine at our annual Jet Rally this past weekend. It came with a custom TAM thrust vectoring pipe as well. At 87" long with a 62" wingspan, this thing is a beast! Going to take me a couple months at least to get this thing built and painted. Going with a Kingtech K180G2 for power. Should be about 35 pounds wet, and the K180 puts out 40 pounds of thrust. Going to be hard to stay under the 400' FAA limit!

    I broke down one of the mains and painted it. Came out pretty nice. It came with a cockpit, but it's not very scale. I may take some of the 3DPUP cockpit files for the FW F-22 and scale them up to fit.

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    I’m very jealous! I’ve a yellow F15 ARF and the paintwork is stunning.
    ive heard, possibly incorrectly that the yellow F22 is a little bit on the heavy side, but I’d still bite their hand off if I was offered one.
    Keep us posted on the build.
    ps I’m about to install a xicoy 45 in my FW f22 as well. Not convinced on a single asymmetric pipe but I’ll give it a go!


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      I've seen guys make a single pipe work, so it can be done.

      The Y/A F-22 should be about 35 lbs wet, so yes it is a somewhat heavy bird and a big step up for me (my heaviest right now is about 20 lbs wet). But it is after all an F-22 and is all lifting body. I have a 12S setup in my FW F-22 and it can still float even with all that battery in it.