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Suggestion for a 3-bladed prop

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  • Suggestion for a 3-bladed prop

    I'd like to change the 2-bladed prop for a better looking 3-bladed prop on my Parkzone F4U-1A Corsair (44" wingspan). Can anyone recommend one and if up to it, an explanation of how to calculate how to select a compatible prop for the ESC/motor.
    thank you.

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    Although you could do a complex calculation, I think going by a "rule of thumb" should suffice in this case. What's the diameter and pitch of your current 2-blade? If you're wanting to go to a 3-blade, you might choose a prop that's 1" smaller while keeping the same pitch. Or you could go with the same diameter and lower pitch by one. The next question you should answer is, how much hassle will it be to mount the 3-blader? I don't have your plane. It could simple or not.


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      Even though the PZ Corsair has been discontinued there is still parts avail via a simple Google search.
      When it came out as a RTF it had both a 2 and 3 blade props included.
      They were 9.5x7.5x2 and 9x7.5x3
      Here's a link to the 3 blade @ Hobbyzone
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