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Cooling application.

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  • Cooling application.

    G'day fellas, I'm not a modeller and have absolutely no idea about brushless motirs or edfs, what I do know is they can push out an extremely high volume of air which is exactly what I'm looking for for a cooling system for a sideways mounted air cool motorcycle engine.
    We already have a duct system in place which consists of and air intake mounted at the front of the car which is then ducted through to and aluminium cowling around the barrels but its not efficient enough in my mind to compete against the thermal heat produced vs air ducted cooling so my question is can say a 80mm fan with whichever style of motor be connected to a 12 volt system by governing its input through a variable dail type switch....any positive input is much appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Having had to deal with cooling issues in a modified car, I would say that an 80mm fan (or any size of ducted fan for that matter) is not likely to produce the desired effects. Also, running a ducted fan of that size on 12v would limit how fast the fan motor can spin. The 80mm fans used in an EDF plane usually works with 22.2v or more. They are designed for moving air at speed to produce thrust. What your car motor needs is volume of air, not speed. You are better off to find a small electric automotive fan that normally runs on 12v. It will have a much bigger diameter to move more air. You should also concentrate on making the duct work as efficient and air tight as possible. Cooling an engine in a car is more critical when the car is not moving. That's when you need artificially induced air movement. Once the car is moving, air should be able to get "rammed" into the front intake. The fan would be used to augment that air movement at lower speeds. Oh, and shoving a lot of air INTO the duct work will do little if your engine compartment doesn't have a good EXIT for that air.


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      To add some thought, to get the effect I think you're looking for using an EDF, you'd have to increase your systems' voltage and amp load to power the EDF.

      Having experience with cooling issues on my restomod, I used two boat engine compartment bilge "blowers" to pull air into and then out of the engine compartment. They're a 4-5" ducted fan; designed for 12v power and have a reasonable amp draw for auto applications.

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        These are the head cooling fans we use, we also run a fan on a ten inoil cooler which directs air toward the front, the cowling we run is under the exhaust, it's quite a tight fit, internally it is staggered viened style, the cooling fins allow good exit speed for air, currently the engine rpm sit at around 9500 to 10,000 and the car travelling at around 90 to 100 ks on a dirt oval so you can imagine the lack of forced air in our ducting system,... If I can get 150 or higher in air speed to the barrels I'm happy, thanks for the help, I will take on board all advice given, thanks guys, so now I know where I'm at with voltage, cheers.
        ​​​​​​Ps I will also be using and air filter to eliminate debris.