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Old engine revival

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  • Old engine revival

    hello all
    I am new to the forum. Just getting back to flying after twenty years of not flying anything but electric helicopters.
    I have about ten or twelve leftover engines I am thinking of using. All nitro glow. I have a Saito FS 80 that I went through and got new gaskets and carb kit ,new bearings for the crank. It fired up on the first crank and with a couple twists of the needle idles very nice. I love the fourstroke.
    Now I have a pile of O.S. ,Rossi ,Webra, ASP two strokes from .32 to .91. They are all having trouble. If I spray fuel in the carb they fire up and run. But won’t idle . It seems the fuel line won’t keep pulling fuel when I start to close the throttle. I can keep them running with my thumb over the carb. And playing with the air opening.
    Should I try new glow plugs? Are the carbs worn out leaking air? Or should I just give up on them?
    Fuel is new omega 20%. Thinking of going electric. Or Gasoline at this point. If I have to buy new engines

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    if the engines have sat alongtime I suggest you remove the needle valves and flush the spray bars with fresh fuel Check the o rings on the carb and check the air bleed holes if they have them if the engie runs I doubt the glow plugs are bad. if they start with aprime you have fuel feed problem.don't give up


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      Thanks. I’m not sure what changed. But they are going fine now. Each engine and carb was carefully dissembled and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning spulutikn used for watchmaking. Then oiled and reassembled . Initially they just seemed to run poorly. My assumption is the oil used to assemble them burned off and now they are running great.

      The OS 46 turned out to be a powerful O.S. 46 p the p meaning it requires a pump. There is a fitting at the back of the crankcase that goes to the pump. It is fitted with a tuned pipe and I a waiting for the pump from Perry.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        I installed the Perry pump. It made all the difference. Engine idles well and makes good power. Now I need to find a plane to put it in
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