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Toyan engines

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  • Toyan engines

    I wonder if you could mate three of these little V4's together to make a V12! Would make an awesome 1/5 scale classic hydroplane engine.

    Who knew Alpha had his own engine line...LOL!

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    What do you think about Toyan engine especially the AC version.


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      Originally posted by EngineDIY View Post
      What do you think about Toyan engine especially the AC version.
      I think they're very cool little engines. I'm just looking for someone that has any experience with them.

      Assembling & Testing a Mini 4 Stroke RC Engine (FS-S100AC)


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        Hi! Newbie here.

        I realize this is an old posting, but i wanted to share my experience with Toyan. My goal is to save anyone from the experience of dealing with this very poor vendor.

        Long story short, i purchased the L400 (4 cyl) as a complete kit from an authorized dealer in the UK. Toyan put together the kit. Shipped (across the street) to my vendors warehouse then shipped to me.

        Basically Toyan shorted me the fuel tank, changed several items without notification and shipped the wrong base (valued around $200).

        I dropped the missing tank issue and pursued obtaining the correct base. After weeks of dealing with invisible people at toyan , with my vendors help, toyan refused to replace the base. One Chinese toyan person had the odasity to tell me i should have thought about the purchase more before buying!! How rude!

        The engine and craftsmanship look quite nice, but there's the end of the good news. The instructions are poor and have some discrepancies, and there are several glaring design flaws. My water pump was jammed when assembled likely due to accumulated tolerances. I will never know because they wouldn't share design dimensions so i could id the culprit. A few screws were missing.

        Sorry to ramble, but bottom line, their fix was to have me remove 2 of 3 teflon wear/seal washers from the assembly. "It shouldn't leak," they said!

        Screws bottom out in tapped holes. One screw interferes with the cog side of the timing belt! A destructive condition that is blatantly obvious! Their fix; leave out the screw! "It shouldn't leak".

        I could go on but you have likely drifted off by now. Bottom line: save yourself a lot of headaches and purchase from a vendor that has proper design knowledge, respects their one-time customers and has pride in their product. Toyan is a POS vendor!

        Thanks for letting me vent. Happy trails. Scotty